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Energy Efficiency

A home is the ultimate “durable good,” with a product lifespan measured in decades beyond its initial construction. Therefore, we believe continually improving the energy performance of our homes is the most meaningful way for us to reduce, and to help the first and future owners and residents of our homes reduce, carbon emissions on a daily basis and over the long term. Energy efficiency also makes homeownership more affordable, which supports social and economic sustainability. These multiple interrelated benefits, along with input from our stakeholder interactions, are why we have prioritized energy efficiency as the cornerstone of our carbon emissions reduction efforts and our overall sustainability commitment.

We are proud to have been the first homebuilder to commit to build 100% of our homes to the rigorous ENERGY STAR certified standard over a decade ago. This commitment is our primary way to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. According to EPA analysis, ENERGY STAR certified homes achieve a 20% energy efficiency improvement on average compared to homes built to code. Each ENERGY STAR certified home is estimated to reduce GHG emissions by approximately 3,287 pounds (1.5 metric tons) per year compared to a typical home. In April, 2021, we achieved a milestone of building over 150,000 ENERGY STAR certified new homes, more than any other national homebuilder.

We also took a leadership position in the large production homebuilding industry by introducing our first all-solar communities nearly a decade before solar become a requirement of the California energy code. Since that time, we have built more than 11,000 solar homes, which produce an estimated total of 484 million kilowatt hours of electrical power, reducing CO2 by an estimated 674 million pounds. In 2020, 15% of our deliveries nationwide were solar, for a total of 1,605 solar homes.

In 2021, we were honored to once again receive recognition from the EPA with the following awards, both of which represented an unprecedented achievement for a national homebuilder:


2021 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year — Sustained Excellence Award — Our eleventh consecutive award for demonstrating leadership in energy-efficient construction.


2020 ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Market Leader Awards — Twenty-one awards for outstanding commitment to promoting energy-efficient construction and providing homebuyers significant value through comfort, durability and energy utility bill savings.