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Over the course of our nearly two-decade sustainability journey, we have progressively developed a deep and dynamic portfolio of programs and initiatives that we believe is unmatched in our industry in its breadth, strength, flexibility and growth potential. The steady, organic expansion of our environmental sustainability commitment – spanning energy efficiency, water efficiency, waste reduction and healthier indoor environments -- has become fundamental to how we operate and a core element of the distinct value we offer to our customers, trade partners and other stakeholders.

Currently, our focus is on the two key areas where we believe our we can make the most significant positive impact to conserve natural resources and reduce emissions: energy efficiency and water efficiency.

Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction

Greenhouse effect

Approximately 85% of the energy consumed during the multi-decade lifecycle of a home—including the initial raw material extraction, manufacturing, and construction—comes from the day-to-day living in it. That’s why the primary focus of our GHG reduction strategy is to build highly energy-efficient homes that are expected to reduce GHG emissions in their daily operations for decades to come. This approach also distinctly benefits our customers by reducing their total cost of homeownership through lower utility bills and enables us to make broader social and community contributions through the greening of the housing stock in our served markets. Our highly energy-efficient ENERGY STAR® certified homes utilize, on average, half the energy of a similar-sized home built just a decade ago, which can meaningfully reduce GHG emissions over the long term. We are also steadily increasing the number of homes we build with renewable energy capability through solar photovoltaic power systems. Our goal is to reduce the estimated GHG emissions in metric tons/year of our homes by 8%, in line with achieving a national average Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index score of 45, by 2025.

Water Conservation

Water Cicle

As a builder operating in some of the most water-challenged regions of the U.S., we prioritize water conservation. Water availability is an important consideration for local governments in approving new-home developments. We provide water-saving features in our homes that reduce our customers’ water bills and may help to mitigate strain on local communities. Our proactive leadership in this area enables us to effectively address water-related concerns and help preserve this critical resource.

KB Home is the only national builder to have earned awards under all of Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) homebuilder programs, including ENERGY STAR®, which establishes rigorous certification standards that ensure higher than average energy efficiency and reduced utility and maintenance costs, WaterSense®, which establishes water efficiency standards, and Indoor airPLUS, which focuses on indoor air quality.