Responsible marketing policy

As a company Built on Relationships®, we are committed to using responsible sales and marketing practices to communicate the value of our products and services to consumers in accordance with applicable law.


In conducting our sales and marketing activities, we will strive to be:

  • Clear: Using easy-to-understand words that directly engage our customers
  • Consistent: Providing similar information at each point of contact to give our customers confidence that they can rely on us when making one of the most important purchases in their lifetimes
  • Accurate: Having reasonable substantiation for our statements so that they communicate credible information
  • Honest: Reasonably assuring that the content of our marketing and other public communications does not contain any false or misleading statements
  • Customer-Driven: Promoting our products and services in ways that genuinely meet our customers’ needs, using captivating visuals and content that are decent and tasteful, without discrimination as to race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, familial status, age, veteran status, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or marital status
  • Trustworthy: In communicating about our leading sustainability practices and advanced product features, using appropriately validated scientific/technical data and statistics. Using public endorsements and testimonials that are authentic and relevant to the intended audience
  • Attentive: Conducting reasonable diligence that our marketing and other public communications are not displayed in inappropriate locations or with inappropriate content, whether online or offline, and that our sales messages are not designed to target minors
  • Fair: Providing a balanced view of our products and services, with reasonable comparisons to competitors’ offerings when made