Public policy participation

We believe that actively participating in the public policy–making process is an important aspect of being a responsible member of the communities in which we build and necessary to pursue our business goals. To this end, we:

  • Engage with public officials and other policy makers at all levels of government in discussions about issues that affect homeownership.
  • Make contributions to candidates for public office, irrespective of political party affiliation, and to certain ballot initiatives.
  • Support candidates who understand the homebuilding process and champion the broadening of homeownership opportunities.
  • Support ballot initiatives that enhance community development and services — primarily bond measures for schools, parks, transportation, water and environmental protection.
  • Commit to complying with all laws applicable to the making and public reporting of political campaign contributions. Contributions to federal campaigns are made only by the KB Home American Dream Political Action Committee.
  • Contribute to state and local campaigns as permitted by applicable law.
  • Put in place an internal management approval process for political campaign contributions and a reporting process to our Board of Directors’ Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee.

In 2022, we contributed $98,500 to campaigns for state and local offices in California and Nevada, and to California campaign committees.

The California contributions can be found on the California Secretary of State’s website at, and the Nevada contributions can be found on the Nevada Secretary of State’s website at

BICEP logo

We are proud members of the Ceres Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy (BICEP) Network, a group of leading consumer brands and Fortune 500 companies. Members support three principles: increased adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency; increased investment in a clean energy economy; and increased support for climate change resilience.