We strive to create better communities that support an American dream that’s as richly diverse and optimistic as Americans themselves. As a company in the business of building communities not just homes, we believe safe, welcoming and nurturing neighborhoods are the foundation of a positive social and family life. We also believe in supporting the wider communities in which we live, work and build.

Expanding the American Dream

Homeownership has long been referred to as “the American dream.” It is a gateway to many important personal and financial milestones. A place to build a family, put down roots and establish a community, a place of refuge from the cares of the world where it is possible to rest and rejuvenate, a place to realize our hopes and aspirations through life’s stages.

Affordable Homeownership

First-time homeownership is the foundation of who we are
KB Home was founded in 1957 on the idea that we could challenge conventional assumptions about homebuilding in order to make homeownership more affordable for more people. First-time homebuyers have long been the heart of our business and helping them to achieve their goal drives us each day. In 2021, 62% of our KB homebuyers were purchasing a home for the first time.

Building homes for median-income households
With a focus on helping first-time buyers achieve homeownership, we pay a lot of attention to what affordability means in different parts of the country. We strive to build homes in each of our markets that are generally priced to be affordable for those with household incomes within a range of the local area’s median level. We base our evaluations of potential land purchases as well as product design decisions on their potential to serve local median-income households.

Diversity in Homeownership

KB homeownership reflects the face of America
We are proud that KB homeownership reflects the many faces that make up America. We believe our Built-to-Order business model, focus on first-time homebuyers and generally pricing our homes to be attainable for those with local median-level household incomes enable us to serve buyers from a diverse range of experiences and backgrounds. In addition, the personalizing options we offer are designed to help make homeownership accessible at a range of price points and reflect a variety of lifestyle and cultural preferences. We are honored to be part of expanding the American dream to make homeownership and all its benefits an achievable goal for more Americans.