Community revitalization

Revitalizing and reimagining older communities

In many of the land-constrained areas in which we build, we use our expertise in community design to reimagine the potential of underutilized land and revitalize older neighborhoods with new housing stock. This can help bring in new residents and new energy, giving many of these places a new start. The land sellers and local governments with which we collaborate know that we have the experience to work with them to design new homes and new neighborhoods that contribute to the overall well-being of the community.

Creating these infill communities in established areas and participating in redevelopment projects are among our considerations when evaluating potential land investments. Often when we build in these areas, our homes are the first residential new construction in years and can enhance communities with more energy- and water-efficient housing that contribute to the overall financial and environmental resiliency of the local community.

A number of our neighborhoods have been built on redeveloped or infill locations, including 10+ redevelopment and 40+ infill communities in 2022. In addition, we strive to make more effective use of limited land resources by designing high-density communities of eight to 40 dwelling units per acre where zoning permits.


high-density communities nationwide in 2022


redevelopment communities nationwide in 2022


infill communities nationwide in 2022

Sweetwater Place

Redevelopment Spotlight

Magnolia Square in Buena Park, California

Magnolia Square is a redevelopment project located on the former site of a telecommunications facility that was discontinued due to structure age. The neighborhood consists of 108 attached three-story homes on 5.5 acres. Situated in a desirable, commuter-friendly area, the community also achieves good walkability and bikeability scores.

Sweetwater Place

Paseo Del Mar

Infill Spotlight

Lacy Crossing in Santa Ana, California

This 117-unit infill project consists of three-story townhomes on approximately 6.14 acres of previously unused land in the heart of Downtown Santa Ana (DTSA). Comprised of two distinct planning areas consisting of 84 three-story detached townhomes and 33 attached townhomes, Lacy Crossing has brought new housing options to the popular DTSA area.