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KB Home’s 12th Annual Sustainability Report Highlights Innovation, Progress and Impact

April 22, 2019 at 8:00 AM EDT

New technologies, investments and partnerships help KB Home lead the way in sustainable homes and communities

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Apr. 22, 2019-- In its 12th annual Sustainability Report, released today, KB Home (NYSE:KBH) outlines its accomplishments, challenges, priorities and vision for the future of homebuilding. In nearly two decades of sustainable advancement, KB Home has built more than 128,000 ENERGY STAR® certified homes, 15,000 Water Smart and WaterSense® labeled homes and 7,750 solar-powered homes.

KB Home’s sustainably designed homes are estimated to have cumulatively reduced utility bills by $730 million for homeowners and reduced CO2 emissions by 4.5 billion pounds (equivalent to removing 420,000 cars from the road), and annually conserved an estimated 1.4 billion gallons of water (enough to serve the water needs of nearly 17 million Americans for a single day), and generated an estimated 45 million kilowatt hours of renewable solar energy.

In response to fundamental societal shifts that impact how people live, KB Home is adopting new technologies and innovating new processes to set the course of homebuilding for tomorrow. Earlier this year, KB Home unveiled KB ProjeKt®: Where Tomorrow Lives, an innovation laboratory that tested far-reaching future concepts and provided an integrated, immersive experience of next-generation homebuilding sustainability.

“Our lives are changing at the speed of the digital age and through our innovation initiatives our homes are changing as well,” said Jeff Mezger, KB Home chairman, president and chief executive officer. “Our goal is to build homes for a lifetime, so we see sustainability as balancing as much as possible the aspirations of today’s homebuyers with the longer-term needs of tomorrow. That mindset underlies our holistic, integrated and ever-evolving sustainability platform.”

In 2018 alone, KB Home built:

• 11,176 ENERGY STAR® certified homes

• 1,266 Water Smart and WaterSense® labeled homes

• 1,617 solar-powered homes

Balancing the Needs of Today and the Future

KB Home believes that sustainability is built on balance. As a homebuilder, that means making sure today’s homeowners are able to create a personalized KB home that fulfills their dreams, while being mindful of the needs of the next generation. KB Home’s eDifference Sustainability Platform and long-term strategic goals provide a roadmap to work toward and measure its sustainability progress in the areas of energy efficiency, water conservation, healthy homes and smart systems.

Energy Efficiency

In 2018, KB Home achieved its long-term goal of attaining an average national HERS rating of 55. By leveraging economies of scale and its position as an industry leader, KB Home has been able to steadily increase the energy efficiency of its homes and help reduce the total cost of homeownership while maintaining a focus on attainability for its core first-time and first move-up homebuyers.

Water Conservation

This past year, KB Home reached 15,000-plus WaterSense and Water Smart homes, the largest number of water-efficient new homes constructed by a single builder. In continuing its leadership in building water-efficient new homes using both existing and emerging technologies, KB Home is raising awareness of the energy-water nexus with homebuyers and within the homebuilding industry.

Healthy Home

Focusing on increasing homebuyers’ awareness about existing healthier products and construction techniques, KB Home introduced KB ProjeKt in January. KB Home is now looking to expand its offerings of optional and standard products that contribute to the well-being of a home’s residents, in addition to saving money and energy use.

Smart Systems

KB Home strengthened its smart systems offerings in 2018 with a first-in-the-industry partnership with Google®. KB Home has been an industry leader in demonstrating and implementing home technologies that can enhance homeowners’ quality of life. The KB Smart Home System features Google Assistant, leveraging technology to help make daily living easier, more efficient and more enjoyable by integrating all devices in the home under one intuitive interface.

“Sustainability is not just the right thing to do, it’s also right for our business,” said Dan Bridleman, KB Home senior vice president of sustainability, technology and strategic sourcing. “An energy-efficient KB home today can reduce energy bills by 45% compared to a standard new home built just over a decade ago. That can make homeownership more affordable and distinguishes KB Home from our competition and the resale home market. Just 10% of new homes built today are ENERGY STAR certified, but for more than a decade, KB Home has committed to building 100% ENERGY STAR homes.”

About KB Home

KB Home (NYSE: KBH) is one of the largest homebuilders in the United States, with more than 600,000 homes delivered since our founding in 1957. We operate in 38 markets in eight states, primarily serving first-time and first move-up homebuyers, as well as second move-up and active adults. We are differentiated in offering customers the ability to personalize what they value most in their home, from choosing their lot, floor plan, and exterior, to selecting design and décor choices in our KB Home Studios. In addition, our industry leadership in sustainability helps to lower the cost of homeownership for our buyers compared to a typical resale home. We take a broad approach to sustainability, encompassing energy efficiency, water conservation, healthier indoor environments, smart home capabilities and waste reduction. KB Home is the first national builder to have earned awards under all of the U.S. EPA’s homebuilder programs — ENERGY STAR®, WaterSense® and Indoor airPLUS®. We invite you to learn more about KB Home by visiting, calling 888-KB-HOMES, or connecting with us on or

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