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Our Board of Directors believes that the company’s sound corporate governance practices provide an important framework to assist the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities to oversee the management of our business and to assure that our stockholders’ long-term interests are being served.

Our Board’s approach to corporate governance aligns with the principles of the Investor Stewardship Group, which is a coalition of some of the world’s largest investors and asset managers, including several of our top stockholders, as summarized below.

Stewardship Principles

Specific to our Environmental, Social and Governance programs, the Board has delegated certain risk oversight responsibilities to its committees, including the Audit and Compliance Committee, for environmental sustainability, the Management Development and Compensation Committee, for human capital management, including fostering the diversity and inclusion of talents, backgrounds and perspectives across the Company; and the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, for governance.

In addition to Board-level governance, we have a number of structures in place that are specifically tasked with driving our sustainability strategies and actions throughout our organization:

National Advisory Board (NAB)
Comprised of nationally recognized leaders across diverse disciplines that provide an independent perspective on our sustainability initiatives and progress. Our NAB meets twice a year and includes participation from our Chairman of the Board and Senior Vice President for Sustainability. We also consult with our NAB members throughout the year on specific issues and emerging topics.

Sustainability Leadership Team
A group of high-level executives, led by our Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President for Sustainability, and including select Division Presidents, convenes on a regular basis to discuss sustainability strategies, craft and refine Company policies and initiatives, and create buy-in with leaders across all of our operating regions and major functional departments.

ESG Steering Committee
A group of senior executives, led by our Senior Vice President of Investor Relations and Senior Vice President for Sustainability, interacts with various disciplines within KB Home and with key external stakeholders, raising the profile of ESG across the Company and enhancing our transparency and disclosure around our ESG initiatives.